There is a lot to consider when buying your first home, and this challenge is not getting any easier. Let loan approval expert Wayne Pethybridge help you today.


Planning for your First Home

The main aim of this Webinar is to help you to plan to successfully get your first home loan. It’s important to be ‘in the know’ – things are moving in the property finance area, making it somewhat tricky to know exactly what’s important to know and do, as you prepare to get your first home loan. 

You are certain to have lots of questions:

– How much deposit do I need?
– Can I save on stamp duty?
– What do I need to do 3, 6, 12 months out from getting my home loan?
– What is important and what is not?


Get the answers at the Free Webinar.


Join Wayne if you are looking for

The most important things to know when planning to buy your first home

Available grants and stamp duty concessions that are available to first home buyers

Help to know what the lenders are looking for when viewing your cost of living expenses

What the entire home purchase process is from start to finish


Whether you are a first home buyer, refinancing your property loan, upsizing or purchasing an investment property, now – more than ever – you need to use a mortgage broker.

In this increasingly challenging lending market, you need the right finance expertise and available options to successfully get the right loan at the right price.

Key steps that are taken to help you achieve your goals are:

1) A full understanding of your personal needs and financial situation – attention to detail
2) Access to over 44 lenders on our panel, for greater choice
3) Understanding different lenders’ policies and whether they are friendly to your situation
4) Spending the time in researching which lender is best for you
5) Verifying with the lenders’ representative prior to lodging the application, to give you the highest probability of success.

A mortgage broker’s significant knowledge and planning is required so that you get the right result.


                                                              Wayne Pethybridge – Loan Approval Strategist